Tellason Stock Jean Jacket

Tellason Stock Jean Jacket


"... it was clear to us about one year ago after we visited Cone Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina that we need to do everything in our power to support Cone Mills..."

Here at Foundry we are definitely impressed with what Tellason is doing with their TELLASON STOCK line.  They are making quality, made in the USA products at an amazing price.  And boy do we like what we see.  Cone Mills has been producing denim in America since 1891 and now are synonyms with brands like Tellason.

Pictured here is the Tellason Stock Jean Jacket.  It's pretty much a perfect Spring jacket, not too heavy, not too light.  Once you put it on you can really feel the quality and time that was put into designing and making this jacket.  It's the same feeling we get every time we pick up something Tellason does.  


Hat:Iron and Resin

Jacket: Tellason Stock Jean Jacket

Jeans: Shockoe Atelier Slim Kojima