Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change



Some things just never seem to change.  Mint chocolate chip remains my favorite ice cream, Mcdonalds fries are still the best, and no matter what season it is, i can never seem to get enough of my 3Sixteen Type 3 denim jacket.  


After about a year of constantly checking 3Sixteen's site and seeing my size sold out again and again they finally released a full size run.  When we got them at the store I was obsessive over finding the exact right fit of the jacket.  I tried on three different size Large jackets probably 5 times just to make sure I picked the right one.  But there's just something special about this jacket.  The way the dark blue fades to almost white.  The super soft corduroy pocketbags and cuff linings.  Plus, denim jackets are a perfect layer for spring/summer and if you're not into the denim on denim look, this is a great way to not feel like you're putting on the classic Canadian Tuxedo.  We've still got a few sizes left at Foundry so check them out! (patches not included)


I'm throwing it way back to my first pair of 100% cotton selvedge denim, a pair of Rogue Territory SKs.  These have been through the ringer with me.  I put about 10 months into them before I soaked them and had to have the crotch repaired.  They are an old favorite and recently, like my Shockoe Atelier Slim Kojima's, have found their way back into my denim rotation.  


Pulling it all together with a Knickerbocker MFG Henley and our custom chain-stitched Knickerbocker hat help remind me that warm weather is coming.  And there's nothing quite like a teeshirt and hat on warmer sunny days.  


With Spring doing its best to figure itself out and Summer just around the corner, come hang out with us at the store and find these extra pieces to add to your rotation this season.