Putting It All Together - Nick Sandy | Foundry Men's Goods

Putting It All Together - Nick Sandy


For us at Foundry, putting an outfit together for our customer isn't just about them buying everything in our store (although you can totally do that!!).  It's about finding pieces that you WANT to wear.  Finding that jacket that you'll grab first or that shirt you'll want to wear again and again.  We want to start sharing with you how we piece together our daily outfits. 


When I'm putting and outfit together in the morning, it's usually in between getting my kids ready, finishing some work around the house, and trying to cram food into my mouth before I head out.  I still like to dress in layers because even though the sun is out there's no telling what the weather is going to do here in the "sunny" Pacific North West.  


I've been putting some miles into my new(ish) Red Wing Heritage Moc Toe in their Charcoal Rough and Tough leather (style #8890).  These are my first boot with a crepe sole and I can tell you it makes a huge difference in comfort if you're standing all day on a hard surface.  


Recently, I've been falling back in love with some older pairs of denim I own and today I'm back into my Shockoe Atelier Slim Kojima's.  This denim fades great and has some really cool characteristics that set it apart from your average blue jean.  In my opinion, Shockoe makes one of the best skinny jeans around.  Comfortable on the top with a nice taper and a tight ankle opening.  


On top is one of my favorite tee shirts on the market, Velva Sheen's Roll Tee.  A simple tee that's circular knit so you have no side seams which makes it a comfortable every day shirt whether you're wearing it as an undershirt or just by itself.  I actually have a few in the same color just so I can wear them throughout the week.  


My jacket is one of the newest pieces I have in my closet and I actually bought it from Chandler.  I'm not usually a huge fan of camo patterns on me but when I saw this M62 from Tanner Goods I couldn't resist when Chandler said he was selling it.  It's a nice light weight for Spring and Summer but still hasn't quite pushed my Schott 626vn from it's spot in my jacket rotation.  


As far as head gear goes I wear hats just about every day.  For one, I just like hats, and two, I really hate my hair right now.  Brixton's Heist beanie is a great one (or four) to have in rotation.  They are super comfortable and don't leave your head itchy after a full day of wear.  Plus they come in about a thousand different colors so you'll always have one to match whatever you're wearing.  


Building up your closet can seem like an arduous task.  Come into the shop and let us help you pick out pieces that you'll grab again and again no matter what the occasion is.   Hit us up with a comment or a DM on Instagram and tell us how you put together your outfits!