New Season. New Staples.

New Season. New Staples.




You know what the worst part is about working at Foundry?  When new clothes come in.  Its impossible to not want to try them on and it's even more difficult to convince yourself that you don't need those pieces after you've tried them on!  Well, this is a story of my lack of self control and how all three pieces I'm wearing today were bought in the last week.  


After two years of talking about it, we finally brought Levi's Premium Denim into the shop.  Like a lot of you out there, I grew up wearing Levi's denim.  Not counting the years where I bought into the whole JNCO phase, but that's a story for another time.  Levi's were affordable, fit well, and had an iconic name behind them.  I've been wearing this pair every day since I picked them up.  They are selvedge 511s in a sweet pre-wash that just screams the 90's to me.  I was hesitant at first to wear some pre-wash selvedge but all my hesitation flew out the door when I put them on.  They are super soft and comfortable and light enough that I don't get cranky during the hot weather.  Also, the light pre-wash offers a totally different contrasting tone to my existing wardrobe.  


I just picked up this Brixton Hilt tee shirt.  It was one of those shirts that I tried on, put back on the rack, and then obsessed about for a week until I finally bought it.  Brixton always seems to nail their shirt fits.  Slim enough that I don't feel like I'm a billowing bell but not so slim that I feel like an Asian Sausage.  


My Katin Rosebanner hat was another one of those pick ups that I sat on for a few days before I realized I really needed it.  (need.. not want)  I have always really liked bright colored hats.  It's always a cool and easy way to bring a splash of color into your outfit.  Even if you feel like you're "not a bright color" guy, try a hat on like this or even something like a red Rainier's hat sometime.  


Do you change your wardrobe much for spring and summer?  Leave us a comment or DM us with your summer staples.