Freenote Cloth

Freenote Cloth



Freenote creates quality menswear manufactured in the United States..."

Emphasis on QUALITY here!  David Strong from Freenote stopped by the store today to show us what was coming up from Freenote and tell us a little more about what they are all about.  

We have been carrying Freenote for about five months now and the amount of detail they put into their clothing is staggering.  David was able to walk us through their whole process from design, to what fabrics they choose, to dying, to production of each of the items he brought with him and MAN those guys go in depth to bring out a great product.  Things I didn't even think about like the way they cut and sew their pocket bags! (seriously, check them out) 

All this to say the guys are Freenote are absolutely dedicated to creating the best possible product they can for YOU.  They have chosen the best fabrics they know and are meticulous in their design.  The hard work they put in truly shines in the finished product.  Check out their run of button ups and their Portola Tapered in our store now and keep and eye out for whats coming out for spring and summer!


Hat: Iron and Resin

Tee: Knickerbocker and Freenote Cloth

Denim: Shockoe Slim Kojima and Freenote Slim Straight Rios in Black