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Bringing In A Little Street Style - Chandler Kolb



If you've been following us you know that our philosophy isn't, "Come in and replace everything in your closet." It's about finding the pieces that compliment what you have and replace what you need. This outfit is a perfect example of adding a single piece to your wardrobe, in this case, the awesome Freenote Cloth Rios Black Jeans, and them becoming Chandler's go-to denim.  


Chandler has a really cool way of putting together his outfits. "I dress for contrast.  I like to keep my base pretty neutral. I usually add fixtures of color in my shirt, shoes or tee depending on the weather." This is a great way to add color to your daily outfits without being too flashy and a good way to slowly introduce new colors combinations into your wardrobe.  


A pair of classic black frames never goes out of style. "I have a bunch of different frames but I think everyone needs a basic, black pair that is your go-to."  I'm still trying to convince Chandler he needs a pair of orange frames but we'll see...


His shirt is (sadly) one of a kind. "It's a custom shirt from Mannish Boy. It's from their Innovator line that pays testament to popular figures that have impacted culture. This shirt obviously pays homage to Kurt Cobain who passed away in 1994 which is ironically the year I was born." We play a lot of Nirvana in the store and this is a shirt I'm obviously still jealous over.  


Underneath the red plaid shirt, he's wearing yet again, a Knickerbocker MFG Tube Tee.  "I think this is the same tee mark is wearing. It's just an all-around rad shirt." Definitely one of our favorites and great for layering or wearing by itself.  


Chandler's dive into selvedge denim is a pretty cool one. He's wearing a pair of Freenote Cloth's Black Rios Slim Straight denim that has been... "hyper-customized by Zach (Chet Denim). They are the first pair of selvedge raw denim that I've ever worn. I have a rather big top block so its hard for me to fit into pants that don't have stretch in them but these worked and are now basically my favorite pant." 


Shoes are such a great way to bring a little bit more of yourself to any outfit.  Whether you're popping on a pair of well-worn boots or dope sneakers, "you really can't go wrong with a pair of black vans and I'm always ready to shred the gnar and skate at any moment." Plus, you should see him ollie with a metal stool.  You'd really understand his skill if you could see that.  


Chandler is a perfect example of someone who came in and found some pieces in the shop that complimented what he already wore. But coming from a predominantly street oriented fashion sense he still has a cool and unique way of mixing heritage into his everyday wear.  


Do you lean more toward street fashion?  Hit us with a comment or a DM on Instagram and tell us how you dress when you're just heading out to hang out. Do you like to throw just a splash of color into your outfits or are you going all out with colorful combinations?